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Ergonomic Design

And why it matters to you.

A work chair is for more than just sitting, its job is to support the many positions you’re in throughout your day. Modern day work is filled with various tasks and devices, video calls, laptops, phones and tablets. Our research and design teams analyse these styles of working to provide ergonomic solutions to make your day comfortable for longer. Oh, and we also make them look nice!

The making of Gesture
Focus on your work, not on your chair.

As technology has moved leaps and bounds, the fundamentals of the work chair have stayed the same. That is until the Steelcase Gesture.

At Steelcase we conducted a study of 2000 people globally to understand how human interactions and postures have changed to adapt with today’s technology, such as phones and tablets.

The Gesture chair now supports 9 new postures that relate directly to advances in workplace technology leaving you with a chair that supports you, however you work.

Designing for sustainability
Protecting tomorrow, today.

Sustainability at Steelcase is at the core of how we operate as a business.

We believe all aspects of our business can have an effect on the environment, not just the products we produce and how we produce them.

Our commitment to the environment runs through every decision we make at Steelcase.