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Single Evolution Monitor Arm

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Introducing Single Evolution Monitor Arm

As workers continue to spend more time in front of screens, they need simple, dependable support solutions to encourage wellbeing and productive screen usage.

With a streamlined design, CF Series Evolution simplifies monitor arms and creates a clean aesthetic, without sacrificing performance. CF Series Evolution technology applies constant force to ensure seamless movement across the arm’s complete range of motion, so workers can adjust screens to best meet their needs, with the touch of a finger.


  • CF Series evolution lightweight monitor arm supports one monitor.

  • Mounts to the desk edge with C-clamp bracket

  • Single CF series Evolution installs above the desk for quick and easy set-up

  • Flat panel monitor easily rotates for portrait or landscape viewing

  • Allows effortless adjustment of height range and viewing angle

  • Allows monitors to be positioned at the correct viewing distance to relieve eye strain

  • Adjustable arm provides 264 mm of vertical range and up to 403 mm of horizontal range

  • Arm supports monitors up to 609 wide and up to 5.44 kg per monitor


Silver or Pearl Snow


Steelcase Limited Lifetime Warranty


Lifetime Warranty

Mobile caddy, telephone caddy, binder holder, letter trays, launch pad non-powered and screen, functional screen, personal pocket; flat top hanger; wastebasket; footrest, mobile laptop support, laptop shelf, monitor bridge, ergo edge, and desk pad, cable clip, personal hook, toolbox, set of small boxes

12 Years Warranty

Eyesite/Plurio, CF Series/FSMA, Volley, CPU supports and keyboard supports, monitor arm, lighting fixtures for dash

5 Years Warranty

Launch pad powered, lighting components for dash LED

3 Years Warranty

USB charging station


12 Years Warranty

Laminate, wood veneer and solid surface, all standard vertical surface textiles all standard surface textiles

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Single Evolution Monitor ArmTypically ships in 7 - 21 business days
$540 SGD