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Steelcase Learning is trusted by hundreds of the world's leading schools, universities, and educational institutions to build innovative learning environments.

Owen Pescod

Regional Learning Manager

“Education is really about empowerment. It’s about empowering teachers and students to know they have control over their learning environment. With a curriculum geared towards personal learning, why shouldn’t the space do that too?”

To find out more about how Steelcase Learning can help your organization unlock human promise through the power of learning, contact our sales team.



Steelcase offers exclusive discounts to students and staff of educational institutions. Build a better learn-from-home space today by registering with your .edu or account, and click below further information.

Higher Education

Like working from home, learning from home can be challenging when you don’t have a comfortable and productive work environment. Whether you’re writing an essay or developing a marketing strategy, the space where you work makes a big difference. Click here to see find out more about our student & educators discount program.


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