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Sling Side Table by m.a.d.

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$539 SGD
  • White/Natural Ash
  • White/Natural Ash
  • Black/Natural Ash
  • Black/Natural Ash
  • Black/Black Ash
  • Black/Black Ash
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Introducing Sling Side Table

Create extra workspace instantly with this lightweight and portable work surface. A clean line of continuous metal tube frame wraps the body of this veneered side table for an honest and minimalist expression.


  • Lightweight - easy to carry to any location

  • Veneered top in natural or black ash


  • Natural Oak Veneer Top: Natural Ash or Black Ash

  • Frame: White or Black


420 mm (W) × 510 mm (D) × 640 mm (H)

About m.a.d Furniture Design

Founded in 2010 by long-time collaborators Matt Cole, Dan Given, and Mark Daniel, m.a.d Furniture Design is a leading furniture designer developing thoughtful, accessible and design-driven furnishings for the modern urban dweller.

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1 Year Limited Warranty
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Sling Side Table by m.a.d.Typically ships in 10 - 20 business days
$539 SGD
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